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    Police In novel Jersey Could maintain An Undercover Nissan GT-R

    Police In New Jersey Could Have An Undercover Nissan GT-R

    Motorists in New Jersey had better be careful as local police appear to be cruising the streets in a Nissan GT-R.

    An intriguing video recently surfaced on social media of the car. It shows the silver GT-R pulled over to the side of the road where it seems to be responding to an accident. Details are limited but we can see at least two vehicles in the center median, including an SUV that is facing the wrong way.
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    Then there’s the Nissan. It can be seen with flashing rear and blue lights in the rear window and also has its hazards on. It appears as though the brake lights have also been modified to flash.

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    Few details are known about the specific GT-R. Police in New Jersey don’t seem to have ever made an announcement about taking delivery of a GT-R to use for undercover policing duties. This has prompted Tire Meets Road to speculate that it could be owned by an individual police office and has been modified to double as an undercover police car. Of course, this remains unconfirmed.
    Whatever the case may be, it’s quite obvious that anyone who had thought about breaking the speed limit in New Jersey or doing anything dumb like street racing should remain on the lookout for this GT-R. While it may be old in the world of performance cars, a GT-R is still measurably quicker than the vast majority of cars on the road.
    Police In New Jersey Could Have An Undercover Nissan GT-R