5 Wedding Day Fails To Be Prepared For

5 Wedding Day Fails To Be Prepared For

5 Wedding Day Fails To Be Prepared For
No matter how carefully you've planned, there are some wedding day fails you should be prepared for. Yes, you want your big day to be perfect and flawless, but life doesn't always go as planned. Here are some wedding day fails you may not have thought of.
In this post, you'll learn:
1. Fit Fail
You're standing at the altar with your partner. The vows have been said and he's trying to get your wedding band onto your finger. The ring, however, has other ideas. It sticks and won't budge. The guests are staring. People begin to whisper. Then, finally, the ring relents and slides onto your finger. As it does, your new husband sighs in relief and everything moves on.

2. Bouquet Toss Fail
You know you're not all that athletically inclined, so you practice tossing your bouquet until you're pretty good at tossing it back over your head.Then, when the real thing happens, it's like you never practiced at all! Your gentle toss ends up being a deep throw, which lands in the most ridiculous place. If there's a lake or tree nearby, that's where your bouquet is ending up.

3. Cake Table Fail
4. Escape Fail
Once all the festivities are over, speeches given and champagne drunk, it's time to make your big escape. However, escaping can become a huge wedding day fail if you don't plan well. You may think you've made good on your escape, only to realize you have left your phone at the venue, and your make-up is still in the bride room and your luggage is still sitting in the back of your maid of honor's car. You'll have to make a quick dash for everything you've left behind and just pretend you're not hearing the calls for another toast, "while you're here!"

5. Threshold Fail
You've managed to escape and get to your hotel, where you are getting ready to check into the honeymoon suite. It wouldn't be a list of wedding day fails without making mention of the near-concussion you got when he knocked your head against the door frame as he carried you across the threshold! Eventually, your head will stop aching and you will be able to laugh about this one day. However, today is probably not that day.